What a crazy year it’s been, not only did we write and record an album that we all feel is our personal best work to date, we also had a storm of sponsorships come our way, ESP guitars in tune guitar picks, EMG pickups, Headrush pedalboard, Galaxy audio, DR strings, and more… you can find the list on our website. Our content production eventually slowed to a crawl since we all had many serious personal issues that seemed to come up all at the same time for us, from relationship issues to money issues, to mental health, and anyone who knows us knows all four of us have a history of mental health… but we managed to make a couple lyric videos, and some connections with a couple YouTube channels such as Space Untravel  and No Copy Rock, views on these channels skyrocketed, we didn’t notice for at least a few weeks and we are very grateful for the interest we’ve received.

The hard part has been figuring out what to do in the way of content aside from Simply spamming everyone to death, Mike’s opportunity at Head Rush took much of his time away from virtually all of his personal life for a few months Jared went and toured with Seasons after as their drummer during the summer of 2017 and Kasey continued to travel to balloon events, we have lots of material we’ve been working on and attempting to organize it’s been tough but all of us have individually built up so much tension and dealt with so many individual personal problems that I’m sure this will be just the tip of the creative ice burg.