Like most Millennials in this age, we not only as a band but just as people find ourselves wondering what the hell to do now?

We started off our first couple of years with an explosion of enthusiasm and industry hookups that got our name in front of the faces of some really powerful friends and movers and then the year 2017 happened… Mike left the planet, Dave lost his job, which left Kasey and Jared scratching their heads much of the time, not knowing what to do and becoming depressed themselves… both Mike and Dave busied themselves with the Head Rush and Rock Rage. Mike’s gig turned into a burgeoning career, Dave’s is teeming with powerful potential, the question we have to ask ourselves is where do we go from here?

Throughout the year of 2017, we sent many scratch tracks and ideas back and forth some of which quite possibly could be sitting in a notebook or an email having yet to be heard or read . Mike’s been playing guitar with some of the world’s greatest and upcoming guitar players and bassists including Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders and Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead, Dave has done countless interviews through the radio including Greg Kihn, Michael Starr, Mark Maension and dozens more from all over the globe, but what good does that do for Black Box Warning… well as anyone can tell being connected and acquainted with as many people in the music industry as possible always seems like a good thing, but the key is can you use it… should you… those are very important questions, because if we are not producing the kind of output that hundreds of hard working bands are putting out right now then why should anyone care, and that is the right question to ask.

Anyone who has read or paid attention to our lyrics know that we have much to say, anyone who knows us personally knows that we have had many interesting and harrowing life experiences, particularly drugs and alcohol, and we have all questioned our faith many times… because when you go deep into the bowels of your mind, you can see lots freaky shit, and I would not say that only applies to us but rather anyone who chooses to be psychic a Cosmonaut… Perhaps when you’ve already been in moderately successful touring bands, taken shots from an enthusiastic new fan or been handed a joint or mysterious substance from a stranger and if you survive not becoming a junkie or a loser, much of that lifestyle loses it’s luster however, we are indeed much stronger, well-traveled and well-read individuals than ever before, we still have an extreme desire to express our feelings and experiences through music and artistic expression.

Our first full length album was still quite a bit of us feeling each other out and expressing ourselves in ways we had never done before with any other band, in some songs we were expressing how we felt about the human psyche and it’s devastating effects on world events, listening to Levittown or Alexandria will clue you in. I think perhaps some of what is taking us so long is the daunting task of knowing a standard for which we are setting ourselves, knowing that the first two works we have released so far, are merely a culmination of feeling out what we want to do and where we want to go as people not just artists, the ultimate dream of course is to create something that was given to us from that special place where only the greatest of works comes… the Muse. Call it whatever you want, but we all know what it is, it’s that place where the greatest ideas come from. That place where something is feeding your brain information is if out of nowhere. The key factor so far has been Dave continuing to hone his studio and mixing abilities and Mike taking his licks to a couple new levels and not allowing ourselves to devolve into absolute depression as a result of so much time passing.

So back to the original question, where do we go from here?
Well we are going to continue writing, recording and organizing ourselves until it reaches a point of natural release, as of now we will continue dropping everyone a line and sharing our past works until the time is right, no definitive date other than winter, and that’s fine. We will make this happen like we have several times in our lives already.
Thank you for your patience.