As many of us do in this post-modern age, we’ve dealt with a lot of inner demons these last couple years and are growing stronger and more resolute because of it. Our studio is a stand alone building, not attached to or in anyone’s house and it’s gotten much use as a practice space, storage space, and “man cave” when we feel like hiding from the world, many demons have been “exercised” in that cave and there are still some lurking around waiting to be free in the form of artistic expression, given a face and form for others to see.

Most of our battles much like yours I’m sure are ones of a “spiritual” nature, that battle that rages on in our hearts and minds, navigating existential burdens and triumphs, it seems to me that too many of us are searching for the same thing yet not many of us even come close to knowing what it is, the biggest problem I think is that we are constantly looking to each other for validation or direction, but sometimes the best answer is to turn around and stare your own shadow in the face, to turn off the noise we use to hide from our inner voice that is constantly screaming just behind our ears, begging us to be ourselves, pleading with us to interpret what “God” is saying the only way you can, mono e mono, no one else, no screens, no second hand advise, no “spiritual leaders” or “priests” just you and the dark infinite…

Some people may be just fine, some may not even feel the need to change anything, perhaps some people feel perfectly grounded in their lives, and to them I say; beautiful, keep doing you, whatever that means and is, but when you’ve looked to other people for help and still can’t seem to make any sense of your life, the only option left is to stare right into the center of the abyss, the thing that you wish was different and decide, I’m going to fight this or figure it out, because when you feel there is impending doom, it’s better to go down sword in hand, than running away. I am afraid to release some of this new material, it was scraped right off the charred hardened walls of our hearts, but it’s necessary, to free that strengthened muscle, to release it from it’s own filthy prison, I’m tired of polluting my heart with politics, wasting my strength on who has the “correct” interpretation of “God”.

I know where I can find the answers, I AM finding them, although we will be making a full report in the form of a music album for you to enjoy and or review, the truth is so far as I can tell, it’s no one else’s damn business, try and figure it out for yourself, and only use others opinions and discussions as a way to open up new avenues in your mind, rather than use them as final destinations.

Your relationship with the Grand Unknown or lack thereof is on you, and trying to force others to agree or believing you already have all the answers leads only to a DEAD end. <3  -Dave

New Black Box Warning – Winter 2018