Sometimes you don’t really know how much baggage you’re carrying around behind you until it’s time to take stock of your life and thoughts, and to try and decide what is holding you back and what is worth carrying on in the future. Our lives are always predicated on the people around us and the social turmoil that unfolds in our society, be it economic, cultural or otherwise, which is what makes it so hard sometimes to make decisions and changes, we are constantly influenced by the actions of others whether we recognize it or not. 

The tribe or the “team” is a notion that is ingrained DEEP within us, even those who wish to rebel or go against the grain believe the “tribe” could be better, or is headed in the wrong direction, or perhaps even, that the tribe is not worth participating in at all, (which is another trait many of us admire) THE REBEL… It’s what America and other free societies revere as one of the cornerstones of our civilization, yet I think as of this day in mid-2018 too many of us have forgotten or simply don’t properly understand the idea of the sovereign individual, we are too scared and or confused about what we are doing and what the purpose of our life is to actually take responsibility for it, so it’s easier to adopt a pathology or ideology in place of it (all the while believing we are making a free choice) and THAT is a slippery slope indeed.

The theme for the new album is going to be about this almost entirely, finding our sovereignty, in mind, body and action, making peace with that inner Devil, and realizing that it’s always there, it’s always whispering in our ear, trying to de-evolve us into an improper primal, savage state, to undo all the progress that we have made, and influence us to forget, deny, ignore or even be afraid of the lessons we’ve learned, one of them being utopia is impossible, it is nothing more than an ideal (albeit a good one to continue striving for), but lets not delude ourselves into thinking we have it figured out, anyone who claims to have the best idea should always be scrutinized and run through the ringer, because I can guarantee you will always find short sight and flaws, ie communism in the 20th century… 

We are recording this new work by ourselves, we are trying capture as much raw emotion, pain and victory as possible, this is not to say we are not going to seek help or counsel from our producer Chris Dawson, and who knows how the mixing and mastering process will go, we have a new setup for live drums in the practice pad and we are working out new guitar tones: thrashy, hi-gain, in your face… We want to use the modern recording production and technology not to necessarily make the recording faster and easier, but to use it as a tool to truly forge something fresh and unique, we don’t want to just make a loud recording for the sake of being loud, we are writing it loud, we are writing it bold, more riffs, more lead guitar, more metal… more REBEL. 

We don’t say fuck the system just because it’s what you’re supposed to do, we say it because we mean it, my struggle isn’t just some whiney unappreciative trite, all of us are blue collar workers, from gravedigging to mowing, to driving forklifts and CDL trucks, we are proud of what we have accomplished in our lives thus far and are grateful for the institutions in our society that afford us the ability to work and express our opinions freely, and we do not take it lightly, our system has many blemishes, our culture is becoming confused, we WILL speak out about it, because we can, and believe it’s our duty as free and sovereign individuals to do so.