The album is coming along, we’ve been collaborating from afar but the vibe is there, the dark expression is maintained. The idea that we have something to learn and something to say is prevalent in our riffs and our lyrics. The album art is still in its draft and concept stage, but we know exactly what we are going for and will have a game plan to start promotion with new art in the next month or so, the tentative release date is the first week of December, which is a fitting time of year given our most recent circumstances. We’ve been taking a lot of time for ourselves to make some money and become grounded in our future, this is ultimately a good thing seeing as how we have been a self funded band since the beginning, and plan on continuing to so.

The story we will tell with this work is going to be personal and intense, the album will start will start with childhood trauma and take you on a journey through the mind, but as you’ve already gotten used to with our first works this should come as no surprise, as with many artists Mike and Dave have always had one foot in reality and one in “the dream” emotional, volatile, silly heart, and crazy ideas, much of this will be a bit more metaphorical than our previous work, a literal telling of abstract thinking. Some of this has been hard to write yet it just came spilling out without a choice, like a levy that has broken and whatever it contained is now flowing through its natural path, even though at the time writing some of this stuff seemed difficult and heartwrenching, now looking back in the preproduction phase, it is much easier to get a “bird’s eye view” of the work, and to understand where it came from, sometimes you just have to let the spirits take the wheel, sometimes you are terrified of what’s coming out of your mind and mouth, sometimes your thoughts can feel final, and like there’s a complete “dead” end in front of you, but just like everything in existence, everything changes, everything has an ebb and flow, and this too shall pass.

We will have a dozen or more blogs in the next few months, and we try to be better about updating everyone on our website and our social media (we’ve been horrible about it) but the excitement is starting to accumulate, the wheels are spinning and we can’t wait to share this with you, even as bands and friends around us start to change and fade away we have decided to continue, success be damned. Because art unexpressed accumulates like cancer, it kills. 

Black Box Warning – Price Equation December 2018